About Mauritius, and just exactly, Where Is Mauritius?


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" About Mauritius "
and exactly
" Where is Mauritius ? "

Mauritius is not just about weddings, honeymoons, and gorgeous beaches !.

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Hotels in .. Mauritius
Weddings &

a speciality
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Hotels in
Belle Mare Plg
5Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
LUX* Belle Mare
5Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
Canonnier Le
4Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
Coco Beach Le
3Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
5Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
5Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
Heritage Awali
5Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
LUX* Grand Gaube
5Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
4Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
Merville Beach
3Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
Mauricia Le
4Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
5Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
5Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
Paradise Cove
5Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
Prince Maurice
5Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
LUX* Le Morne
4Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
Le Meridien Ile Maurice
4Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
Royal Palm
5Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
5Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
4Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
5Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
Saint Geran
5Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
5Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
Sugar Beach
4Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
Touessrok Le
4Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
Trou Aux Biches
5Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,
Victoria Le
4Mauritius wedding,honeymoon, hotel, star rating,

There can be a huge difference in some of
the hotels, even though they may have the
same star ratings

Speak To Someone Who's Been !


18 hole Championship Golf at the Paradis.
Championship Golf Courses - visitors most welcome

Mauritius with South Africa a perfect as a twin centre holiday, honeymoon
Twin Centre holidays Safari South Africa
Mauritius with Dubai stop over shopping
Shopping in Dubai
a few nights stop-over
Kids Club, something for the kids to do ! - Mauritius boasts the best Kids Clubs, that entertain them all day.
Kids Fun and activities
something for everyone
they just love it !

windsurfing is FREE at most of the resorts we feature in Mauritius , instruction is available by qualified instructors.
FREE Water sports at most of our resorts in Mauritius
Scuba diving mauritius
Diving Coral Reefs, shipwrecks and fantastic marine life species



About Mauritius
Our site draws on much of my own experiences to Mauritius, together with those of {the} family's, over a period of several years visiting and re-visiting .. And No! - we never tire of this gorgeous little island that offers so much natural beauty, surpassed only by the warmth of it's people and their 'smile'..< more about Mauritius >

Mauritius Island is more than just gorgeous beaches.
There's lots of natural beauty you will want to see and if you talk to the locals, they'll just love to tell you all about Mauritius.

Inland features include a vast central plateau, subtropical forests, rivers, streams and waterfalls. Bordering this tableland are several mountain ranges consisting of varied shaped masses of basalt testifying the volcanic origins of the island of Mauritius.

Three peaks emerge all around 820 metres in height. Mauritius has a long and interesting history in which the British play a very important part, see our history page.

i urge you to take time-out from your Mauritius holidays to visit the picturesque countryside and to see some of the most beautiful architecture this historic island has to offer.

Where is Mauritius ? : This is a question that constantly pops-up now on a regular basis .. Just..
" Where is Mauritius ? ", possibly this is because many more celebrities have visited the island recently and popularised it, or could it be that more hotels have been built over the past 5 years and more flights been introduced, to accommodate the ever popular demand ?

Mauritius It is situated approximately 2000 kilometres to the south east coast of Africa and lies east of Madagascar .The island of Mauritius has an area of some 1865 square kilometres with 330 kilometres of coastline, mainly of white fine sandy beaches.

Whereabouts on the island of Mauritius would you like to visit ?

What are you particularly interests ?

What do you want to do ?

If you're not too sure, that's not a problem - our wealth of first-hand knowledge and experience on the Indian Ocean and Mauritius in particular, means we would just love to share in your thoughts, so that you may get the very best out of your visit to Mauritius and like us, just love to return time and time again.

Please call and speak to someone who's been !

Hotels in Mauritius : Are amongst the finest in the world (they're my favourite).
Firstly, their location - most of the hotels in Mauritius are situated along the coastline - as 'beach resorts' - they have the most gorgeous of outlooks, often with large areas of well-kept, short cut, green grass, ideal for sun bathers not wishing to be on the sand - then across a white powdery sandy beach leading in to the inviting, turquiose coloured, Indian Ocean, which ripples gently in on to the beach.

Hotels in Mauritius

The facilities the hotels offer are too numerous to mention here, but we endeavour to list as many as possible on each hotel in Mauritius which we feature on their individual web-page, including our collection of 'all inclusive holidays' and 'package holidays'.

The staff - Oh ! . . they truly are wonderful - everything is so very personal, our clients return home from Mauritius amazed at how the smallest little datail is covered and attended to, with a warm smile and sincerity.

Tailor-made :
Whether you are choosing a beach wedding, honeymoon, holiday, or just a hotel in Mauritius you do not have to settle for the ordinary 'package holiday' rules or scenario, we use scheduled flights which provides us with the flexibility and the opportunity of designing your holiday to suit your particular needs.

Our clients demand individuality together with the most competitive prices and the very best in 'service' - we deliver all this and more, through our intimate and long-standing connections with our operators, hoteliers, and suppliers alike and the enthusiasm and dedication of our staff.

Should you have an interest in a hotel not listed under our 'hotels in Mauritius' - just give me a call !.

Weddings in Mauritius, Honeymoons in Mauritius:
...# Thinking of getting married abroad ?
...# Then why not consider one of our 'wedding packages in Mauritius.
Mauritius is the perfect destination, an all year round climate, romantic beach resorts, only one wedding per day at the majority of the hotels featured on our site, making it your ' special day '

We take care of the organisation for you -
in Mauritius you will be appointed your very own 'wedding co-ordinator' who will take care of everything for you over there, for example preparing your wedding dress, the wedding cake, candle-lit dinner, early evening cruise visit honeymoons-in-mauritius.

Shopping: The island's reputation as a shopping paradise is strengthened by the diversity and quality of shopping opportunities you are presented with when in Mauritius.

Textiles are a favourite, Mauritius is home to some of the finest textiles, for example, the Ralph Lauren brand for one - Mauritius is a typical beach resort and the island has a flourishing swimwear designing trade, (Beachwear being another popular brand name), that will conquer you with its magnificent lines and shimmering colours, see the basketwear, embroidery, pottery, cut stones, glasswear, hand crafts, particularly model ships, the list just goes on and so does the shopping experience, on Mauritius.

Population: At different times in the history of Mauritius people of different origins have settled here from India, Africa, China, France, Holland, England, bringing their culture, language, values and traditions, the figure today is estimated at some 1.5 million.

Economy: Contrary to some peoples thinking, Mauritius is not a humble and poor country that is reliant upon tourism, far from it. The Mauritian economy rests on four main pillars Textiles, Sugar, Service Sector and Tourism.

Sugar had for a long time been the major foreign exchange earner before gradually losing relative importance to those of Financial Services and Information Technology, now perceived as the future growth engines for Mauritius.

Mauritius Weather, Climate:
In the central part of the island, 600 metres above sea level, the average maximum day-time temperatures varies from 20 degrees C in August, to 26 degrees C in February. Along the coastal areas, where most of the holiday resorts are situated, the temperatures are generally 3 to 5 degrees higher. Best-time-to-go see our weather information.

Mauritius has the oldest horseracing track of the southern hemisphere. Horseracing at the Champ de Mars is a particular attraction for visitors. The Maiden Cup taking place in September.

Take in breathtaking
views on foot, on bike or kayak,
or go trekking through fields, rivers and forests on all terrain quad bikes, diving, sailing, fishing, windsurfing, water- skiing, golf the list is limited only by ones own energy levels.

Resorts: Mauritius offer some of the 'best value' anywhere in the world. With their wide range of facilities and amenities, together with personal dedicated service it has to be experienced to be truly appreciated.

Mauritius Holidays - Beau Rivage

LUX* Belle Mare

If you've not already guest it - Mauritians are very proud people and are extremely proud of their island and that's what makes Mauritius the one that stands out from the crowd.

What our clients say >>>>

" There are few places in the world where you are made to feel as welcome "

" In Mauritius no smile is broad enough, no embrace warm enough, and nothing is too much effort "

" English is the official language although everyone also speaks French and Creole - fantastic "

For places of interest, visit our sightseeing page.

We hope this gives you a little insight into Mauritius, we know that should you decide to take a holiday, get married, spend your honeymoon, whatever your reasons for visiting,
Mauritius will not disappoint

there is something for everyone, even the Kids and remember FREE land and water sports at most of our featured resorts, which is a big saving on anyones ' holiday pocket money '.

Speak to Someone Who's Been !

Nichola, Kirstine, Gail, Valerie or Alan

you'll be glad that you did - Telephone ( 0113 2773 663 )

* A Family Business

* Extremely competitive on our pricing !

* Unbeatable service !

* Tailor-Made holidays !

* Providing Added Value !

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Mauritius is more
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gorgeous beaches
and the warm, clear, turquoise, waters of the Indian Ocean.

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