General Information
Visas - All visitors to the UAE require on entry visa. For British passport holders these are issued on arrival free of charge and ;act for 60 days. For national of other countries, should check with the relevant consulate
If you require further assistance on any matter - Please contact our reservations : Tel :( 0113 ) 2773 663

Money- The local currency is the Dirham (Dh) which is divided into 100fils. Credit cards are widely accepted.
Visas - Local Time - UAE is four hours ahead of GMT.
Language - Arabic is the national language however English is widely spoken.
Clothing - Lightweight summer clothing is most suitable, although an additional layer may be required for the cooler winter evenings . Although a Muslim country, attitudes towards western dress are fairly liberal, however visitors should be considerate towards local customs and sensibilities. Topless bathing is a definite no-no.
Alcohol - Alcohol is available in hotels, restaurants and bars.

Water - Tap water is quite safe to drink, however local bottled water is served in most establishments.
Electricity - As per the UK, three pin plugs and 220/240 volts.
Working Hours - As a Muslim country, remember that the week-end generally starts on a Thursday afternoon through until Saturday morning. All banks and most shops remain closed during these days.
Photography - Guests should respect local customs by not photographing Muslim women and always seek permission before the picture of a Muslim man.
Approximate cost of living - Meal for two £35 - Bottle of wine £20 - Bottle of Beer £5 - Gin and Tonic £6 - soft drinks £2.
Culture Differences - As an Islamic nation there are a few simple customs and traditions for the courteous visitor to remember. Remove your shoes when entering a Mosque. Express appreciation at meals and accept light refreshment when offered. Shake hands on greeting and leaving when meeting locals. Eat or offer things with your right hand. When sitting, make sure the sloes of your feet at not pointing to anyone else. Refrain from consuming alcohol outside of hotel restaurant and bars.
When to visit - A subtropical climate means that October to March is the most comfortable time, weather-wise.
From April into May the temperatures starts to hot up, while in June, July and August temperatures can exceed 110 with high humidity. Rainfall is scarce with an average of 13 mm annually.
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