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Getting married abroad in warmer climates calls for a more careful choice of both fabric and style of wedding dress.

After making ones choice, there's the difficult task of packing and transporting it to it's destination so that on 'your special day' both you and your wedding gown will look - ' a million dollars'.

The current situation with airlines is that there are special arrangements for the transportation of wedding dresses etc. - but they differ from airline to airline
a good idea is to ask at the time of booking ones flights as to just what is available
and what is expected from you in the way of packaging.

On arrival at your hotel/destination unpack the dress immediately and hang it on a 'hanger'. Before your wedding day ask your 'wedding coordinator' if they will attend to your wedding dress and have it looking it's very best for the 'big day', in most instances you'll not have to ask, it will be automatically taken care of, but
it does no harm to remind them

If you have few, or no guests accompanying you when getting married abroad, then a good idea for you to consider is to arrange your 'wedding day' to be in the latter part of your holiday, firstly, you will undoubtedly make friends, amongst other honeymooners or holidaymakers and they will just love to attend your 'big day' possibly become your witnesses even and make a party group of it.- secondly should (inadvertently) your wedding dress or luggage go missing for some strange reason, then time is on your side for it to be located and delivered, to you - don't worry this seldom if ever happens, ( in all our 21 years in operation, we've never had such an incident reported) but one has to have
contingency plans, just in case.

If you wish to speak to someone on wedding dresses, the packing and transportation of wedding dresses
- please do not hesitate to contact us.

Every Good Wish - enjoy your Special Day.

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