Twin & Multi-Centre Holidays
For the more independent and discerning traveller
You do not have to just accept a 'package holiday' - we at PARAMOUNT offer a wide range of options.

We work very closely with the majority of the major tour operators and hotelliers to bring you the very best holidays in the Indian Ocean. We are used to providing twin and multi-centre holidays along with weddings and honeymoons on a daily basis -
that's what we do - that's what makes us different.

Below is just a little sample of what can easily be achieved.
On the other-hand you may have some ideas of your very own 'great !' give us a call and we work around them and provide something that suits you
and all members in your party.

For Beach Holidays - Mauritius with Seychelles is a popular twin centre.

South Africa with Mauritius - extremely popular.

Dubai with any
- provides a contrast and an excellent mix.

Golfing Holidays - Dubia with Mauritius or the Seychelles or indeed
South Africa, make an excellent twin or multi-centre holiday.

Weddings and Honeymoons - very popular in Mauritius with Seychelles, Dubai and South Africa as twin-centre or options.

We are ALWAYS worth a call !