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A small selection of beaches around the island, just take a minute and decided your location
then choose from the many hotels that are situated in and around that particular area by referring
to our 'resort map'.

Some beaches are known by the hotel located thereon, others are known by district location as there
are often, more than one hotel situated on that stretch of beach.

We are here to provide you with first-hand knowledge on each hotel and resort, together
with answers to the many questions you may have.

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' Mauritius Paradise Island '

Mauritius Beaches north of the island for weddings and honeymoons
Cap Malheureux
Rohes Noires

A fishing village that enjoys magnificent views on the Coin de Mire,lle Ronde and lle Plate - islands of volcanic origins - which rise from the sea, shining brightly in their light green dress, quite spectacular !.
Beach weddings at Prince Maurice, exclusive hotel on the east coat.

Rohes Noires
(North East)

Extends into Poste Lafayette with its bracing air and good fishing.They are both favoured seaside resorts especially in the hotter months, because of the fresh prevailing winds blowing all the year round from the sea.

Residence is a striking 5 star hotel, outstanding hotel, marvellous beach.
Belle Mare Plage

Possesses magnificent beaches of white powdery sand,.
The coast which stretches through kilometres of white sandy beaches at Palamar and Trou-d'Eau Douce, quietly extends towards Grand Port. The beach then narrows down and the road closely follows the coast-line, until Mahebourg and Port
Saint Geran Mauritius, is renowned for it's splendour. absolutely stunning beach wedding resort.

Saint Geran

The beaches along the east coast are a delight. As elswhere
many of the prime positions have been taken by the luxury hotels
and here at the Saint Geran the beach is a perfect haven for the discerning sun, sand and silence seekers.
Paradis, or is it Paradise, sutuated at Le Morne, perfect beach location having all the FREE watersports, a sports enthusiasts delight.

Blue Bay
(Sourh South East)

Blue Bay is one of the most popular bathing spots in the Sout-East of the island. The bay is the ideal spot for windsurfing and sailing.

Le Morne & Tamarin
(South South West)

One kilometres of beaches for bathing and are very popular for surfing.
Flic En Flac
(North West)

Situated midway between north and south, on the west coast, Flic-En- Flac has a long white sandy beaches, fringed by filaos or Casuarina. Ideal location for visiting the north or south of the island.
Beach wedding resort Royal Palm, northern coastline.
Grand Bai
(North North West)

North, beyond Tombeau Bay, are many pleasant beaches, where you can swim or enjoy water sports. The coast turns towards Grand Bai, one of the best area for sailing, windsurfing and waterskiing.
Maritim a huge favourite, being one of the few All Inclusive hotels on the island, perfect location. near to main shopping centre.

This is a small remarkable small cove half-way between Grand Bai and
Cap Malheureux and because of it's clear blue waters is one of the best bathing spots on the island

Beach weddings have become very popular and quite frankly Mauritius
offers so many wonderful beaches to choose from - that apart from the beach most (if not all) of the hotels we feature, have beautiful gardens adjacent to the beach
which also makes for a perfect wedding location and wedding photographs.

Wedding flowers in attractive Gazebo

In 2009 - Jackie and Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen enjoyed a 'super holiday' in Mauritius along with their two daughters and whilst they were there, they romatically re-took their wedding vows.

Upon their return to the UK they were commissioned to provide a special 'Wedding Gazebo' for Beachcomber Hotel Group in Mauritius and this we can arrange to be
erected for you at your chosen Beachcomber resort.


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