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18 hole Championship Golf at the Paradis.
Championship Golf Courses - visitors most welcome
Mauritius with South Africa a perfect as a twin centre holiday, honeymoon
Twin Centre holidays Safari South Africa
Mauritius with Dubai stop over shopping
Shopping in Dubai
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Kids Club, something for the kids to do ! - Mauritius boasts the best Kids Clubs, that entertain them all day.
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windsurfing is FREE at most of the resorts we feature in Mauritius , instruction is available by qualified instructors.
FREE Water sports at most of our resorts in Mauritius
Scuba diving mauritius
Diving Coral Reefs, shipwrecks and fantastic marine life species


mauritius Map

Where is Mauritius on a map ?

You may well ask - " What is that attracts so many visitors and holidaymakers to Mauritius every year ? " see also < "more about Mauritius." > and < "resorts map" >

" What is it that so many countries over the centuries have fought-over and wanted a piece of, or to own Mauritius ? "

A quick look at the map tells you that Mauritius is a small compact little island, easily accessible from any approach point - conveniently placed, almost hidden, from the many ... ' passing eyes '.

Mauritius snuggles nicely in a quiet spot just off the east coast of Africa in the warm turquoise seas of the Indian Ocean. Just below the Equator.

Mauritius climate is rather unique having only two seasons in a year, it's either summer or it's winter - and their winter is very much like an nice English Spring.

Vegetation is numerous and plentiful, almost anything and everything grows on this great little tropical island.

Mauritius weather in summer is recorded as having 12 hours of sunshine in 24 hours ... very hot on the coast ... cooler inland towards the mountains.

In 1896 the author Mark Twain wrote of Mauritius " You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first....then heaven ".

That's possibly a little "OTT" - but who knows ?... (as we say these days).. but Mauritius is still a beautiful, delightful tropical island where you can relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the island, along with its many gorgeous 'powdery white sandy beaches' and bathe in its clear turquoise Indian Ocean waters that surrounds the whole island.

Mauritius :
In the Indian Ocean, is of volcanic origin and sheltered for its major part by barriers of coral reefs forming natural, safe, crystal clear lagoons. Mauritius has long been a dream holiday destination known to the Arabs in particular, as early as the 10th Century.

The waters around Mauritius island are home to some of the varied and sacred species of marine-life on earth. Diving (click) is a favourite with visitors and most beach resorts offer scuba-diving excursions out to the coral reef and to many hidden ship-wrecks around the Mauritius coast-line due to the many conflicts and Pirate activities that have taken place around these beautiful shores.

Beaches : White powdery soft sandy beaches which form numerous 'natural bays' around the islands' coastline, with warm, clear tranquil, turquoise sea, ideal for safe bathing, with many a hidden beach resort.

Hotels in Mauritius : Are primarily located as "beach resorts", of an extremely high standard with the majority being 4 to 5 star rating - larger than average room sizes, luxury bedding and furniture, exceptional cuisine, gorgeous locations and more - at our 'selective beach resorts'. If you require all inclusive, then why not consider the Shandrani ...excellent choice offering 'top-class-quality at great value'

Diving : The waters around Mauritius are home to the
Blue Marlin, held in high regard by all who seek her. The Beachcomber Paradis resort, has a fleet of 'Challenger Boats' complete with the latest in fishing gear, rods, lines and tackle etc; to enable visitors to engage in the popular sport of 'big-game-fishing' just off the shores of Mauritius. (click)

Honeymoon : Mauritius has been re-discovered by honeymooners seeking the perfect romantic idyllic location, honeymoon packages in Mauritius start from 5days and can be tailored to suit your personal requirements, with stop-overs in Dubai, Seychelles or Safari in South Africa (all optional).

Wedding : Getting married in Mauritius is simplicity itself, using our tried-and-tested procedure, just give us a call, let us check our 'wedding diary' - many of our resorts only perform and cater for one wedding per day. Weddings start from £295 and our local wedding co-ordinator will take care of everything for you, all you need do is 'turn-up'. (wedding info)

FREE land and watersports are included at the majority of our beach resorts. The whole 'sports operation' is operated by professionals - the equipment is superb and safety codes are in place.

Holidays : Whether you are seeking holiday packages to Mauritius, - one of the exclusive Luxury Hotels Mauritius, a Family Activity Holiday - Sports, Golfing, young and old - Mauritius has it all.

Driving : Is on the left for UK visitors that's the same as home.

Time Difference : Mauritius is 4 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and 3 hours ahead of mid-European time.

Currency : Mauritius Rupee, of which we suggest you change your existing currency into at the airport upon arrival, there are 'exchange bureaus' just before exiting the airport building, our overseas representative will show you exactly where.

Electricity : The power supply throughout Mauritius is 220 volts.

Mauritius Health Requirements : For UK visitors there are recommendations such as make certain that your Typhoid and Tetanus vaccinations are up-to-date, certification is required over 1 years of age and coming from infected areas (more)

Climate :The best time to go - you choose !
The hottest months are January to April when the temperatures are customary ranging from 25 degrees C to 35 degrees C.- humidity during this time can be high.

The Mauritian winter is known to be July through to September when the temperatures range between 24 degrees C to 16 degrees C (at night), humidity is at its lowest during this period and can be a most pleasant time to visit.

What To Wear : Take your best beach and casual wear - In the months June to September carry some light woollens for the cooler evenings in Mauritius.

Visitors to Mauritius are requested to dress properly when visiting religious shrines (no shorts, mini-skirts etc) and please remove shoes when entering temples and mosques).

Environment : When snorkelling, walking along the many beaches etc. you are asked to respect the natural beauty and environment by not disturbing the natural habitat of the many the land or marine species on or around the island. We urge you not to purchase anything made out of 'turtle shell' and not to pick-up or take any shells from the beaches (no matter how attractive or unusual they are.), checks are made by the authorities and fines with large penalties are deployed along with the confiscation of all such items.

Birds : The native songbirds of Mauritius include the Mauritius cuckoo-strike, the Mauritius black bulbul, the Mauritius fody and the Mauritius olive white-eye, many of these gorgeous birds are now threatened and down in numbers to only a couple of hundreds. Birds species that have already disappeared from Mauritius include the black fightless parrot and the rail, a small wading bird. The most common bird of all on Mauritius is the red-whiskered bulbul.

Newspapers :
The Mauritian press is one of the most dynamic in Africa, with two English weekly papers, they co-exist with several French written newspapers. The press in Mauritius is totally free and reflects perfectly the plurality of the country.

Shopping Mauritius Style : Mauritius has a solid reputation for textiles production, namely for pullovers and knitting in general. Shirts, trousers, suits, dresses suits for women, shorts or swimming costumes of well-known brands are sold at unbeatable prices The jewellery trade has a long tradition of local craftsmen who work particularly with 18 or 22 carat gold.

Below are some of the many sights you can enjoy whilst visiting Mauritius. ( Listed in brackets are the names of the nearest 'beach resorts') you may wish to know of.

Port Louis :
Is the capital of Mauritius, named after Louis XV. The multicultural nature of the island is in evidence here especially in the exotic covered market, selling everything from coloured saris, to natural remedies and lottery tickets. (Royal Palm, Trou Aux Biches, Le Victoria, Le Canonnier)

Domain les Pailles :
Is a colonial sugar estate on Mauritius, that has been restored to its former glory. Some of the attractions include a working replica of an ox-driven sugar mill, a rum distillery and four restaurants, Chinese, Indian French and Grill restaurants. (Royal Palm, Trou Aux Biches, Le Victoria, Le Canonnier)

Pamplemousses :
The tropical island of Mauritius Is famous throughout the world for its superb botanical gardens. Started in the early years of the French reign, the remarkable collection includes hundred year old trees, the tallipot palm that grows for 40 years, flowers then dies, incredible giant water lilies and amazing spice trees.(Royal Palm, Trou Aux Biches, Le Victoria, Le Canonnier)

Mahebourg :
Regular visits are arranged to this small colonial town full of history. Named after the famous French Mahe de Labourdonnais, the town is also home to the Mahebourg Naval museum. It is a colonial style house built about 1771 that became a naval museum in 1950, commemorating the dramatic naval battle that took place in 1810. Relics include coins, old manuscripts, beautiful porcelain, prints, engravings, antique maps, furniture, a collection of weapons all testifying to terrible battles or shipwrecked people. (Shandrani)

Casela Bird Park :
Is a bird sanctuary well known to ornithologists around the world, and home to the world's rarest pigeon, the pink pigeon. The Mauritius kestrel is being hand-reared, aided by science in an attempt to save it from extinction. (Paradis)

Black River Gorge :
There's more to Mauritius than just gorgeous beaches and the warm clear turquoise sea - Nature lovers can walk for miles in the Black River Gorge, up the river, which has cut its way into the basalt. It is inhabited by the two rarest birds in the world, the Mauritian kestrel and the Pink pigeon. (Paradis)

Grand Bassin :
Resting in the crater of an ancient volcano, this natural lake is a place of pilgrimage for the Hindus. (Paradis, Shandrani)

Chamarel :
A phenomenon that attracts scientists from all over the world to Mauritius. Chamarel is a mound of multi coloured earth- ochre, red and violet in colour - thought to be caused by the erosion of the residue volcanic ash. (Paradis)

The Rochester Falls and Tamarind Falls :
Located on the plateau near Souillac and are breathtaking in their beauty as they plummet amidst the lush vegetation of Mauritius. (Paradis, Shandrani)

Domaine du Chasseur :
Stretches over 2000 acres of Mauritius and is bursting with indigenous species including stags, wild boars, partridges and pheasants. However the park also provides a spectacular setting for paragliding. (Shandrani)

Grand Baie :
Known as the Mauritian Côte d'Azur, Grand Baie boasts a beautiful beach with emerald green water. This vibrant fishing village has a host of clothing shops selling designer clothes under different labels as well as craft shops, restaurants and casual night clubs. (Royal Palm, Le Mauricia, Trou Aux Biches, Le Victoria, Le Canonnier

Curepipe :
Is the main residential town on the island of Mauritius, a great place to shop. In addition to the model ships, jade, porcelain embroidery and clothes, Curepipe is ideal for buying duty free gold and diamonds. You can enjoy a good view of the town and the surrounding area from the extinct volcanic crater of Trou aux Cerfs. (Shandrani, Paradis)

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